by Susan Casey


Trashed & Found

The year Philadelphia became my home was the year I first experienced temporary homelessness. After a large and well publicized five alarm fire took away my first apartment after college, the West Philadelphia community reached out and embraced me and my neighbors in away I couldn’t have imagined. Along with my personal effects, I also lost nearly all of my artwork, materials, and tools. I clung tighter to my city though the next year and used only objects I found on the street, or at stoop sales to create a series of jewelry that expressed my new found appreciation for being a member of such a community. There is beauty in this city for anyone willing to look.

Braided ring with spinning washer.

Long hanging neckpiece with found washer and knotted cord.

Neckpiece with found spring and chain link strung on scrap welding wire.

  • Type Jewelry, Found Object Art

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