by Susan Casey



The wandering contours of the Echoes collection of light fixtures responds directly to the artist’s experiences with ancient stone monuments in Avebury and Stonehenge. The stark contrast of moonlight reflected off monumental stones, the human hand evident in the engineered angles, and tremendous rings rippling though the landscape as mounds, stones, and chalk trails resonated deeply and created a strong sense of connection with all of humanity though our prehistoric ancestors. We all wear away at our environment: most beautifully when we are purposeful. Harnessing the powerful images of erosion, sculptural work of artists like Barbara Hepworth and Wendell Castle, and the ever impressive imagery of Stonehenge, the Echoes collection brings the mystery of megalithic monuments into our home environments.

The original concept of the Echoes collection, these pendant lamps of shaped solid slabs of maple, hang sturdy from steel posts available in 3 lengths. Light shining from LEDs in a recessed channel reflect off a concave surface in the lamp, giving each Echoes fixture three planes of light. The ambiguous contours and graphic simplistically leave the design open to expression through other materials and processes.

This table top edition of the Echoes lighting collection showcases an optional smooth white finish that enhances the effects of light and shadow play on the sculptural contours intrinsic to all Echoes fixtures. The design is an homage to neolithic monuments and the human urge to sculpt our environment.

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